Essential skills and behaviours needed by a leader in order to be an effective coach to their team. Perspective Leader coaches are able to sort out the range of issues in a given situation, to see how they relate to each other and to the big picture. They provide clarity… Read More»

  • How to have a difficult conversation

    I’m fast coming to the conclusion that the ability to have an effective, yet difficult conversation is one of the most important skills a leader can master. Business needs and deserves managers and leaders who can be courageous enough to tackle the giving and receiving of feedback, as without such… Read More»

  • My Love Affair with Wordle!

    Ah yes. For anyone who hasn’t discovered Wordle, you are in for a treat. Go to www.wordle.net and start creating word clouds! I use it with clients a lot – to summarise feedback; reflected best self; programme highlights… In the last blog, I talked about personal branding. Here is a… Read More»

  • Does personal branding really matter for leaders?

    Definitely! If you aren’t managing your brand then someone else will. So it  might as well be you… There are some great books around about personal branding, for example, Brand New You, by Simon Middleton. My favourite is The Language of Leaders by Kevin Murray, which takes a broader look… Read More»