• Steve Clarke

    Steve Clark

    Steve is a founding partner of mindspring and an expert in understanding customers, people management and team leadership.
  • Lucy Ryan, Founding Director, Mindspring

    Lucy Ryan

    As an executive coach, consultant & trainer for 20 years, I’m passionate about developing leaders so confidence, impact & natural talents grow & flourish.
  • Vee

    Vee Slack

    Vee’s overriding passion and belief is that the foundation of all success is inspired motivational leadership, inspired motivated staff, open channels of communication and measurement.
  • DavidSolomon

    David Solomon

    David graduated in Mathematical Statistics and Operational Research and spent a year in the City before going to RADA and training as an actor.
  • AlunMaxwell

    Alun Maxwell

    Alun Maxwell has been a professional roleplayer since 2002, specialising in sales and sales management scenarios
  • Floyd

    Floyd K Ballantyne

    Floyd has worked in consultancy for over 10 years and enjoys making training courses interactive and lively, whilst that ‘effective’ is the paramount quality in the client’s mind.
  • Ross Harvey

    Ross Harvey

    Ross Harvey has had a professional acting career of over twenty five years. His work includes theatre, television and radio.
  • Marc Danbury

    Marc Danbury

    Marc has been a professional actor for twenty years. His work includes film, theatre, television and radio.
  • René van Stein

    René van Stein

    René has more than 25 years of sales experience in several roles as a Dealer Manager, Sales Manager, Account Executive and Internal Sales Representative.