How to Use Motivational Cards to Inspire Goal Setting

Motivation is a combination of desire for achievement, willingness to expend energy on it and have the drive to push past setbacks. Using motivational cards to inspire goal setting offers an interactive way to explore feelings of low motivation and presents fifteen scientifically proven ways to become more motivated.

Using motivational cards

How Do Motivational Cards Work?

When discussing goal setting and action plans during training or coaching, motivational cards can guide sessions for you. You can look into a range of life topics where goal setting can be helpful, including:

  • Life and career choices
  • Procrastination
  • Facing challenges
  • Leading a team
  • Self doubt
  • Improving morale
  • Being accepted
  • Enhancing engagement

The best outcome from using Mindspring Motivation Cards is that your client will leave the session with renewed motivation. This can be from building a clear idea on what they hope to achieve, realistic steps on how to get there and confidence in the support they have around them.

How Can I Use Them to Inspire Goal Setting?

Once familiarised with our Motivation Cards, explore the differences between direction, progression and connection in motivation. This should lead into a deeper conversation about motivation and how the cards resonate with your clients life and work.

When a client or employee is inspired by goal setting and has one in mind, it is often helpful to begin the discussion on how to get started, the support required and how to maintain momentum. Use the Motivation Cards to guide through this conversation and inspire the answers they are looking for.

Why Should I Inspire Goal Setting in My Team?

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.” Confucius 551-479 B.C.

Loke and Latham’s Theory on goal setting explains that clear goals and appropriate feedback presented to employees can act as a motivator. Inspiring goal setting so your team members have a goal to work towards helps to boost their motivation, which will soon equate to improved performance.

With inspiring leadership and the right resources, you can help employees to attain peak performance. Use our Motivation Cards to inspire goal setting to allow employees to reach their full potential and ignite true passion and dedication.

What Other Similar Resources Are There?

At Mindspring we have an impressive motivational cards range, where you can find Team Motivation ‘Healthcheck’ Cards, Motivation Scale Jotters and our Motivation and Peak Performance Jotter (MoaPP), in addition to our Motivation Cards.

Virtual workshops are also available with our team at Mindspring to help coaches and leaders to further develop their skills. All of our services and products can be found by browsing our website or getting in touch here.