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Case Studies

Arval - Sales and Sales Leadership

The objective of this ongoing programme is far reaching – to create an in-house sales methodology, (the ‘Arval’ way), embed it across all 29 countries in the Arval global network, engage highly experienced sales teams and ensure the learning has longevity and sustainability beyond the immediate training programme. After an ‘immersion’ process where many of the sales teams were met with, interviewed and listened to, BRAVO, was designed – rigorously based on existing best practice. The learning pathway is dependent on the needs of the country or the region and has included sales simulations, training and coaching.  In order to ensure countries are self-sustainable in their development, we have trained internal BRAVO Ambassadors - critical to the long term success of BRAVO and sales performance of the company.  Each quarter, Ambassadors from the global regions meet for five days and embed the ethos, the best practice and learn to be trainers themselves. 

I have been on many ‘sales training’ courses/events previously and none have kept me engaged for the whole event, and none have provided me with an approach that I have actually wanted to take away and use. The BRAVO approach, coupled with the approach taken by you and the team on the two days totally engaged me and the BRAVO structure has already been put into practice since! I would imagine that many participants that your provide training to give you great feedback, but I have to say for me – a person who normally holds no value in most ‘sales training’, and a person who rarely gives feedback, I was highly impressed.”


Target Group - Outstanding Leadership 

Over the last two years, 30 senior leaders at the Group have embarked on a leadership programme with us. After in-depth interviews with every Executive Board member, a bespoke leadership model was designed, that reflected the fast changing reality for Target. As well as embedding core leadership skills through 360 feedback, workshops and internal projects, the primary intention was to help the team understand, shape and role model positive leadership qualities. This enabled existing and new leaders to ‘step up to the mark’ and steer the transformation of the business in the coming years. Although the training is ongoing, we have already conducted a thorough evaluation of the first group’s learning with 89% of the delegates providing evidence of a positive transfer of their learning back to the workplace,

It has definitely inspired me to work harder on how we can place the customer/ internal customer at the forefront of our thinking and several work streams are tackling this now”. Additional comments suggested the leadership team found the programme “timely and a relevant reminder of where we should be as a leadership team” and “a springboard for driving the business forwards…I have taken the opportunity to reflect on my leadership practices and to make changes that have already had a positive impact on me and others. I feel privileged to have this opportunity and investment”.

Ingeus - Resilience and Change

"When Ingeus embarked on a Change Programme 18 months ago, they wanted to invest in their staff to help the 150 Front Line Managers and Leaders understand, and develop, resilient behaviours for themselves and their teams. Ingeus chose to work with Mindspring because of their practical approach, focusing on giving our staff enough tools to not only survive through change, but also thrive in the long term.

The training was exceptionally well received – including the full toolkit that was valued by the managers - and in many teams we saw an immediate uplift in resilient thinking and behaviours. The ‘proof was in the pudding’ though, when a further change programme happened six months later and we saw stable or even uplifted performance from many teams, despite a company-wide upheaval.

Working with Mindspring is a great experience and they work hard beyond the bounds of the contract to inspire the staff, ensuring everyone continues to learn and remain flexible around our needs.”

Principality Building Society - Executive Coaching

Lucy's coaching with Julie Ann has helped her transition through roles from heading up the Sales & Marketing functions; the IT department through to being Customer Director and Deputy CEO of the organisation. Our work together focuses primarily on managing self through transition, building effective relationships and developing high performing teams.

"Lucy has been my coach for over three years and her support has been instrumental in achieving my promotion to the Board. Lucy is insightful, resourceful and she understands the political nuances required to be successful within an organisation. Her advice and coaching has helped me be more confident, be clear on my strengths and drive action in others through careful planning, challenge and coaching techniques. On top of all this, she has a wonderful outlook on life and our time together is fun and inspiring!

UNICEF - The Customer Experience 

When the charity UNICEF started a culture change, we were asked to work with them to create a ‘Centre of Customer Excellence’. Charities are in a precarious position when it comes to encouraging donations from supporters, balancing the need for support with the desire to provide the ultimate in customer experience. Our role was to work initially with their managers to observe and understand the current processes, then to help the whole organisation adopt a consistent, customer focussed approach with the charity’s supporters through a series of workshops, talks from internal staff, projects across the workplace and leadership coaching. The measured results have been dramatic – with increased supporter donations, improved ‘cross-selling’ through supporter involvement in more areas, such as campaign involvement, reported positive customer feedback as well as increased UNICEF staff engagement. 

Working with mindspring is a very positive experience for us; the time we spend with the team is interactive and fun. They took the time to get to know our business and spent time with individual members of our team therefore the training/coaching sessions are relaxed and unthreatening; concentrating on our strengths we receive constructive advice, building self belief and confidence.”

Siemens Graduate Training Programme

Siemens has used Mindspring for their Graduate Customer Focus workshops since 2006. Each year I am impressed with their flexibility, professionalism and effectiveness. The feedback I receive from delegates is excellent. Lucy and Steve are a joy to work with and I would not (and do not) hesitate to recommend them to my colleagues.”