Sales & Customer Service

Outstanding Customer Service

Get your customers talking…for the right reasons

Customers remember great service, and what’s more, they talk about it too – and we all know how valuable word of mouth recommendations are! Outstanding customer service is not only a great way to increase brand loyalty and talkability, but it’s one of the best ways to set you apart from your competitors and increase the perceived value of your products or services..

Your customer service specialists

We specialise in helping organisations to deliver outstanding customer excellence whilst maximising each contact they make with the customer – profitably. We’ve helped businesses of all shapes and sizes with a whole range of customer service improvements, whether it’s developing up-selling and cross-selling skills or refocusing an entire organisation towards customer focus. We use a variety of training methods depending on your organisation, your objectives, and the team involved.

Is it for me?

As consistency is key with customer service, any member of staff that comes into contact with customers as part of their role will benefit from our input, particularly Sales and Customer Service Teams.

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Sales Excellence

Develop valuable relationships with your buyers

Great salespeople know that selling isn’t something you ‘do’ to someone else. It is the ability to truly understand a buyer’s perspective and use a flexible communications process to achieve the right result for both sides. We can help your sales team to shift their focus to the buyers needs. Not only does this enable them to develop valuable relationships with existing customers, but showing an awareness to potential clients needs and requirements will help to convert more leads and generate new business too.

Is it for me?

Any member of your sales team, regardless of their experience or level within the organisation, will benefit. Whether you’re looking to introduce this into the organisation from scratch, or you want to build on existing skills and awareness, we can tailor our approach accordingly.

What can I expect?

We design bespoke sales solutions that blend rigorous process with emotional intelligence, planning with doing and persistence with resilience! It will be stimulating, exciting and as it’s a tailored programme – totally relevant to your day to day job.

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Sales Simulations

Invigorate your team with Sales Simulations

Sales Simulations enable your team to practise every stage of your sales process with a dedicated trainer. Think role play and competitive team play – they are highly practical and great fun! You’ll notice significant improvements straight away as your team return to work inspired, motivated and with the confidence to perform to the best of their ability.

Is it for me?

Broadly speaking, anyone who has an element of sales in their job will benefit. Individuals struggling with the organisation’s sales processes will find the training of particular value. Sales Simulations are completely tailored to your organisation. We’ve worked with teams of all shapes and sizes from a range of different sectors.

What can I expect?

We are renowned for our unique Sales Simulations which are competitive, challenging and virtually real. Completely tailored to your organisation, we translate your processes across to a fictional environment and use professional actors as buyers. Trainers act as coaches – whose role is to ensure each team achieves the maximum learning from the simulation by allowing them to practise, review, repeat and improve each task.

Ongoing Development

To ensure the learning is translated back to the work environment, our trainers set an action plan for each individual.

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Sales Consultancy & Coaching

Develop a high performing, customer focussed organisation!

Whether you’re in business to business or business to consumer sales, you’ll no doubt be aiming for a high performing, customer focused organisation. With a tailored coaching programme, we can help you to make this a reality.

Is it for me?

Any business leader will gain a great deal from Sales Consultancy and Coaching. If you want someone to take an objective look at your business and help you to understand where you need to concentrate your efforts in order to maximise performance – we can help.


The coaching programme that we deliver will be totally unique to your organisation based on your needs and current position. Once we’ve had a good look at your business, we’ll work with you to develop bespoke solutions that ensure you’re fit for future success.

To give examples, it could include:

  • Assessing and benchmarking the skills of your sales teams and sales leaders
  • Analysing your client base (through our unique Business Mapping © process) to maximise profitability
  • Designing bespoke sales and service models that work in your business
  • Helping you build a team of trainers and coaches who can manage your sales development internally

“Working with mindspring has been a unique experience. They not only promise to make sure 'we can do it without them', they deliver on this promise. There is now a genuine sense of achievement within the team. We have confidence in the sales and communication concepts we've developed in partnership with mindspring and in our ability to execute them. What's more we've had a fabulous time working together to achieve some great results.”

Head of Consumer Services, RAC

“Working with mindspring is a very positive experience for us; the time we spend with the team is interactive and fun. They took the time to get to know our business and spent time with individual members of our team therefore the training/coaching sessions are relaxed and unthreatening; concentrating on our strengths we receive constructive advice, building self belief and confidence.”

Head of Supporter Service UNICEF UK

“Siemens has used Mindspring for their Graduate Customer Focus workshops since 2006. Each year I am impressed with their flexibility, professionalism and effectiveness. The feedback I receive from delegates is excellent. Lucy and Steve are a joy to work with and I would not (and do not) hesitate to recommend them to my colleagues.”

Siemens Graduate Training Programme

“Mindspring were successful on the back of a lengthy and detailed tender process, and in short we knew that they were the absolute right choice from the first immersion and planning session. Whilst the Arval working party for this training programme are highly experienced and qualified managers, Mindspring bring to the table the required the level of guidance, balanced with patience in good measure, coupled with a solutions driven approach to satisfy the various requirements.

Lucy and her team approach every stage from proposal, design and delivery with great enthusiasm, always with us as the customer in the centre of the solution. The flexibility of training delivery styles within her well chosen and experienced team mean that the Arval Sales Teams are benefitting greatly along the learning journey.”

Sales Academy Manager, Arval
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