Resilient Leadership

Resilient Leadership - Shifting from 'Surviving' to 'Thriving'

Given that the majority of organisations we know are facing unprecedented levels of change, there is a significant need for leaders to identify personal strategies for their own physical and emotional resilience and be able to role model these behaviours across the company.

We have designed a unique learning programme for leaders, practical and inspiring, which is accompanied by a full toolkit for change. This enables leaders and managers to take the learning back to their teams, enabling others to get 'skilled up' on their own resilience.

Our tailored programme is based on research and includes:

  • Outlining resilience, what it is and isn't and how get more of it;
  • Understanding your physical, mental and emotional positive energy and how to recharge effectively;
  • Coping with triggers, and handling difficult and negative situations whilst retaining a sense of optimism and hope;
  • Motivating and leading peak performance from your team, with our unique MAPP approach;
  • Working to people’s strengths and driving engagement;
  • Action Planning with a full toolkit. 

Is it for me?

As competition within business continues to increase, there has never been a more important time to pay attention to your own wellbeing, whilst engaging, motivating and retaining your best people. 

If you know your organisation wants to address retention, embracing change and uncertainty, managing stress, engagement and cultural well-being, organisational resilience is imperative to consider.

How does it work?

We will work with you to create bespoke solutions that fit your environment, staff and particular context. To give you an idea of what we do, in the last year we have worked with our clients to:

  • Understand how to develop resilient skills and imbue staff with a sense of hope, strength and optimism
  • Develop strengths based appraisals and performance management approaches
  • Update and refresh managers coaching skills with a Strengths based coaching approach
  • Run a leadership development programme focusing on the sources of energy, physical, mental, social and emotional.
  • As part of a broader strategic initiative, imbue a culture change programme with a positive direction

What is in the Toolkit?

  • A guided workbook
  • An Action Guide (with over 100 exercises to use back in the workplace with your team)
  • Emotions cards, Motivation cards and Strengths cards
  • MAPP jotter and Emotions in Action jotter
  • Resilience Notebook & Pen

"Our magazine media team came together for a Resilience workshop with Mindspring in 2017. I felt that is has really helped to bring people together and give them actual tools to take away to use, rather than just a ‘feel good’ training day. 

I along with everyone appreciated how you instantly connected with the team and presented the science, tasks and tools in a very ‘easy to get’ way. It made everyone think about their strengths and areas of improvement and how to develop ‘everyday’ resilience.  Just giving them ways to look at themselves and situations in a different way really. Many people have contacted me to say they really appreciated the fact the company still want to invest in their staff in this way and was a welcomed morale boost to the team following the many changes they have had to embrace."  

Managing Director, Heat Closer & Bella, Bauer Media

"Ingeus operates in a dynamic and increasingly diverse market place. In this context it is essential to invest in our staff to help our 150 front line managers and our senior leaders understand, and develop, resilient behaviours for themselves and their teams. We chose Mindspring because of their practical approach, focusing on giving our staff enough tools to not only respond to change, but also thrive in the long term. The training was exceptionally well received – including the full toolkit that was valued by the managers - and in many teams we saw an immediate uplift in resilient thinking and behaviours. The ‘proof was in the pudding’ though, when we had to make some changes to our organisation and we continued to see stable or uplifted performance from many teams during this period of change. Working with Mindspring is a great experience and they work hard beyond the bounds of the contract to inspire the staff, ensure everyone continues to learn and remain flexible around our needs."

Head of Service Excellence, Ingeus.
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