Positive Team Development

Efficient and effective teams

Using a number of tools and techniques, we can improve and develop the effectiveness of a group of people who work together.

This improvement may be focused on the following factors:

  • Reticent => Communicative
  • Conflict => Open
  • Apprehensive => Cooperation
  • Impersonal => Mutual concern
  • Avoidance of responsibility => Self responsibility
  • Role confusion => Role clarity
  • Individual centred => Team centred

How does it work?

Teams at all levels within the organisation from a group of decision makers to front line staff will benefit from this form of development. We are known in the marketplace for our innovative team simulations, which are highly memorable and great fun. To give you an idea of our range, 3 recent projects included:

  • Facilitation of Board Directors to reach agreement with unions
  • Team building event to develop co-operation and trust following restructure
  • Fun one day event for 350 people as a thank you for seeing company through a difficult year.

“Once again, mindspring has done me proud! My team found the training sessions on Strengths Based Development really useful. Not only has it helped them to do their jobs more effectively but also to understand each other better and build a stronger team. We still use the Strengths cards to give each other feedback.”

Head of Personalised Learning, National Star College
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