Personal Impact & Influence

Enhance natural talent within your organisation

As every person is unique in the way they communicate, personal impact coaching is a truly effective way of enhancing natural talent, developing communication strengths and ultimately increasing self-confidence.

Is it for me?

There are a wide range of reasons to choose to work with an impact coach. To give you an idea, our clients typically face the following challenges:

  • The need to develop their influencing skills so as to progress in the business successfully
  • To design and deliver an inspirational presentation, with confidence
  • The desire to increase their assertiveness as the demands of their role expands
  • To handle awkward situations and people; conflict and negotiations with fairness, integrity and humour
  • To understand how to look and sound confident, whatever they may feel!


The good news is these are all learned skills and ones we can help you develop rapidly and successfully. Our coaching programmes (whether 1:1 or as a team) are likely to include:

  • Understanding limiting beliefs and building confident alternatives
  • Utilising the science of positive psychology to recognise and use personal strengths
  • Designing and delivering presentations with video feedback
  • Image and style consultations (we’ll even go clothes shopping with you!)
  • Developing relationship awareness skills
  • Building and broadening a range of positive influencing techniques.

"Public speaking is the number 1 fear above death apparently. Well it was for me too, and in my role as CEO of a large advertising agency I have to speak regularly. I do it fairly well, I just hate it and it takes a lot out of me. So I decided to engage with Lucy and face my fear.

It has absolutely changed things for me. The structure, the tools, the approach that Lucy has given me are invaluable. Lucy is a wonderful coach, who I would recommend to anyone in a similar position to me who wants to enjoy and thrive at public speaking."

CEO, Lida

“Lucy walks her talk. An excellent speaker, trainer and presenter herself she does not fall into the category of teaching because she herself can't deliver. I always recommend her ... she helps you by cajoling, coaching, toning you down, encouraging you to speak up but shutting you up when you're waffling , helping you find the thread of your story and all with continued good grace , humour and a laugh whatever the situation. She makes a silk purse out of a sow's ear and never embarrasses you in the process. She's excellent.”

Director, Leadership Coaching
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