Coaching Excellence

Critical for Sustainable Success

Coaching is an integral part of every programme we run. Whether we are informally supporting your delegates before and after courses, acting as an Executive Coach or training your teams in coaching skills, we view coaching as the critical piece of the learning jigsaw that gives you sustainable success.

Helping leaders to perform

Regular coaching sessions can have a transformational impact on the quality of performance at work and the confidence of the individual we are working with. Designed for leaders or talented individuals who aspire to be leaders, individuals will:

  • Gain new insights which will also help them to develop your organisation and take it to the next level
  • Find new ways of developing their skills and abilities
  • Get clear about the actions they want to take and see better results.

Is it for me?

We typically work with senior leaders in global companies, or talented individuals identified as future leaders. We generally work with people more than once during their career – usually when they move to a new role or face new leadership challenges.

What can I expect?

All of our coaching is uniquely tailored to the needs of the individual and the organisation, with the common thread being the following of four distinct stages of Engagement (Building Trust); Discovery (context; the story; data and feedback); Development (building skills, confidence, wisdom) and Review (learning, growth and development).

Leader As Coach

As well as providing you with an external coach, we regularly help our clients develop the coaching skills of their managers, leaders and L&D teams. This embeds a culture of coaching at every level of the organisation, helping people to be the best they can be

Coaching for Women

Lucy specialises in coaching women through their career transitions, specifically pre and post maternity leave; promotions and into senior leadership roles.

It is very natural that at such transition points, women seek coaching to help them improve their confidence, develop their personal impact, enhance their brand and credibility and gain a positive nudge in the right direction. 

Lucy’s PHD research focuses on women in leadership over the age of 50, who face a specific set of challenges which Lucy is uniquely able to discuss.

To find out more about Lucy, visit her personal site,

"I was first introduced to MindSpring to support Argos for Business with step changing the success of the sales team I had just recently taken over.  I was then fortunate enough to be given access to Lucy to coach me through my personal journey in transitioning from Head of Operations to Head of Sales. Lucy encouraged me to test and try different approaches to harness creative thinking and drive a different level of performance. 

"In my sessions with Lucy she has continually challenged me and shared best practise, techniques, experience and guidance to improve and flex my leadership skills as well as provide encouragement to strive for my next career move.  Following my last session with Lucy I have had the confidence to make my biggest career decision to date which is to venture into something new after 22 years."

Director, Argos for Business

"Lucy has been an amazing executive coach and mentor and really helped me understand how to develop myself as a business leader, whilst embracing who I am and enhancing my natural abilities. Lucy has a unique ability to recognise, understand and explain complex business relationships and has steered me into thinking more strategically and provided me with techniques to navigate through what is often a political mine field.

Lucy has been a massive help and not only did I value but also enjoyed every single session we had together. Lucy is an absolute joy to be around and her positivity and energy is contagious. I continue to keep in touch with Lucy who is always happy for me to ask for her advice and point of view."

Head of Customer Services, Arval UK

"Lucy, thank you so much for your coaching - you are SO good at it, I hope you know that, but it never hurts to be reminded.  Your insight, input and support have been amazing, together with your energy and clarity (and of course the singing!)."

Executive Director, Bath Film Festival

"Lucy is an outstanding coach. She empowers you to identify clearly the key issues and to formulate a structured plan to deal with them. But her sessions are also genuinely enjoyable and revelatory. At the end, I always feel terrific and ready to deal with any problem."

Head of News and Current Affairs, Channel 4

"Lucy has been my coach for over three years and her support has been instrumental in achieving my promotion to the Board. Lucy is insightful, resourceful and she understands the political nuances required to be successful within an organisation. Her advice and coaching has helped me be more confident, be clear on my strengths and drive action in others through careful planning, challenge and coaching techniques. On top of all this, she has a wonderful outlook on life and our time together is fun and inspiring!"

Customer Director, Principality Building Society
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