My Love Affair with Wordle!

Ah yes. For anyone who hasn’t discovered Wordle, you are in for a treat. Go to and start creating word clouds! I use it with clients a lot – to summarise feedback; reflected best self; programme highlights…

In the last blog, I talked about personal branding. Here is a way to make it come alive. A great brand combines your strengths and values; your skills and achievements and your visual and emotional appeal, that is, the ‘feel’ of your brand. This can be quite difficult, particularly if you’re not used to thinking about what’s unique about you.

An easier way to capture this is think through what you wish people would say about you when your back is turned. Think through these elements carefully and thoughtfully. Get some feedback if possible and then start writing. What you will find is that by putting your thoughts into writing, you are much more likely to make your brand come alive. Here’s mine for a little inspiration. Email me if you need help! Lucy