Resilience, stress and absenteeism

I have been reading some frightening statistics recently

A new study shows that absenteeism cost UK employers £15 billion last year.

If, like me, that figure just seems too big to be of significance – and I’ve certainly found that the billions of lost pounds that were talked about in the financial crisis lost their meaning – then think of this:

1 million seconds is equal to 11days, 13 hours, 46 minutes (plus 40 seconds left over)

However, 1 billion seconds is equal to 31 years, 8 months, 8 days, 1 hour, 46 minutes (plus 40 seconds)

That certainly brings it home to me!

The latest research by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development shows that 58% of the days lost were due to stress related illnesses. Furthermore, workloads have increased as the recession hits work-life balance and it is senior managers who are suffering the most and taking an average of 11.4 days off per year.

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