Strengthen Your Resilient Leadership Skills with Self Awareness

Self awareness is about becoming aware of your different characteristics, including your feelings, traits and behaviours. It’s having an understanding of how you react in different situations and learning how to manage heavy emotions. Through clarity of your strengths and weaknesses, you can enhance your personal development and builds your resilient leadership skills. The key is to pay close attention to both your physical and mental self, as well as your emotional agility.

How Self Awareness Benefits a Resilient Leadership Style

As mentioned in previous posts, resilience is about learning from your past, noticing your triggers and walking back down your ‘Sticky Path’ until you can let go. When managing a team, self-awareness can improve your performance, decision making and understanding of others. Thus helping you to develop resilient leadership skills to allow you and your team to work under pressure and adapt to sudden changes.

Signs You Are a Resilient Leader

“the developable capacity to rebound or bounce back from adversity, conflict, and failure or even positive events, progress, and increased responsibility” (Luthans, 2002a: 702)

The Resilience Theory argues that how we deal with adversity is more important than the nature of adversity itself. When a leader faces types of frustration or misfortune, they need resilient leadership skills to allow them to stay on top.

As a resilient leader you should view failures as temporary setbacks which you can recover from and continue to move forward. During uncertain times you maintain a positive outlook and seek new opportunities. You are aware of your weaknesses and therefore find learning opportunities and are comfortable with asking for help.

With a strong emotional intelligence, you value being able to understand your own and other’s emotions, triggers and how to manage strong feelings. This allows you to manage a team with a sense of understanding, trust and leadership.

How to Strengthen Your Resilient Leadership Skills

If you feel that there is room for improvement in your leadership skills, make working on your self awareness step one. The more aware you become the more you will begin to notice yourself become a leader with greater critical thinking and problem solving skills. You will communicate with your team with empathy and everyone’s performance will shine.

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