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What is Positive Psychology?
An introduction to Positive Psychology by Martin Seligman

The New York Article that brought Positive Psychology to the attention of mass america in 2007

Happy Days are Here Again
Psychology Today’s review of positive psychology and its offering to the psychological world

20 tips for Happiness
Simple and effective article from the Happiness Institute

Thriving at Work
Excellent leadership article exploring how the field of positive organisational scholarship can help grow leaders

Empirical Validation of Interventions
Seligman’s much quoted research article offering evidence for some positive psychology interventions

Top 5 Academic articles about Coaching

In the last 3 years of researching coaching, I have come across some stimulating articles. These are my top 5!

Coaching and Positive Psychology
Martin Seligman’s brief review of the link between coaching and positive psychology

Evidence Based Coaching - Flourishing or Languishing
Grant’s useful review on the future for evidence based coaching

The Manchester Review
The famous coaching study that demonstrated the 5.7:1 ROI for coaching

Executive Coaching - It Works
A study of 114 executives that examines the positive results of coaching and leadership development

I doubt therefore I coach
Ashridge’s study of coaches and the recognition that coaching is a dynamic process for coaches, with doubt being an integral part of this process!

Lucy’s Dissertation
An exploration into coaching with positive psychology. Check out appendices for 102 ways in which to use positive psychology in your coaching.

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Great Books to Read

If you’re not already exhausted with the above! There are now hundreds of books on positive psychology, but here are my favourites – readable and useful:

  • Authentic Happiness Martin Seligman
  • Positive Psychology in a Nutshell Ilona Boniwell
  • Happier: Can you learn to be happy? Tal Ben Shahar
  • Positivity Barbara Frederikson
  • Stumbling on Happiness Daniel Gilbert
  • Average to A+ Alex Linley
  • Learned Optimism Martin Seligman